Comenius meeting – Bicester – England

According to the schedule of our project ‘Healthy children-promising generation’, the group of teachers from Poland took part in the last visit to Bicester (the UK) from 18-23 May 2014. During the meetings the cooperating schools discussed the realization of the project. We watched and presented students’ works, photos and presentations of the tasks done by the children from partner schools.
As part of creating a recipe book we participated in workshops in a pizza restaurant during which together with the children from Glory Farm School we were making pizza. It was a wonderful lesson on the background and growing the products needed to make it as well. We also visited and observed the work of teachers of a neighbouring school for disabled children – Bardwell Special School.
One of the most interesting points of the visit was the meeting prepared for all the students and conducted by the head teacher of Glory Farm School. Such assemblies take place once a month. The main aim of this one was to teach children how to draw positive and negative conclusions from their behavior. On the basis of a story, read passage by passage by the head teacher , children discussed the behavior of the characters, assessed them, predicted future events.
During the stay in Bicester we summarized a two-year cooperation between English, Swedish and Polish schools, we evaluated the project and created the final report.

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Comenius meeting – Orebro – Sweden

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The group of Polish teachers took part in the visit to Orebro (Sweden) from 16 to 20th September 2013.The teachers visited Primary Brickebacken School. During the visit there was a meeting with representatives who were responsible for lunches served in local schools. All the teachers, both Polish and Swedish, prepared traditional meals, took part in sports activities, visited Natural Reserve Park where children from Orebro schools come to learn about the environment. The special attraction was a bike trip for teachers around Orebro and its surroundings. During the visit the teachers summed up the project work they have done so far (performances, brochures about healthy lifestyle, traditional meals, project works, educational trips).

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Slogans advertising a healthy lifestyle:

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Gymnastic exercises prepared by polish students.
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